On this page you will find all the new builds that we have going on.  I am always pressed for time and sometimes a little slow on posting here but in time all my custom creations will show up here.

   First up is the start of a simple street build that is the backbone of my engine testing.  Nothing fancy,  just a simple black  setup.  Stock tank, custom flat track seat, and of course a TDR custom engine.  The initial setup is a 421cc to do all my testing of the new products that will be coming out this year. 

​  It started as the Crusty old blue bike you see below.  I disassembled the complete chassis.  Stripped all the paint and removed all the unnecessary tabs and brackets.  Welded all the new brackets where needed.   It is now in the pre assembly stage which is no paint , all the brackets and parts in place.  Next is to have the frame and parts powder coated and paint the tank and seat.  Still undecided on the paint scheme but that will come to me when its time to get er done.


  10/29/15  Update:
   As you can see by the photo's the frame , wheels and parts are now powder coated and assembled.  I went with the basic black/chrome  paint scheme.    The tail piece/seat has the first coat of clear.  The rest of the painting should be done this weekend.  The final knockout list is fairly small so a few weeks to get her on the road.  that will start all the testing phase for the cylinder/exhaust/CDI  kit that I will make available when done.  dyno graphs will be poster here and in the tech section.  The last picture is the new TDR custom "Aurora  SR91"   Prototype pipes.  The will come with a custom slimline carbon silencer as well.  

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