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RZ 350 Crankcases

  TDR is developing cast and billet versions of the RZ 350 crankcases.   

SAND CAST CRANKCASES:  The cast version will be able to accept the larger strokes and bore cylinders.  One of the outstanding features is that they will have a cassette style transmission.  This means that the transmission is on a self contained Cassette that when the clutch basket has been removed the complete transmission will be able to be removed from the clutch side of the cases without removing the engine from the chassis or any further disassembly.  This feature has been used for years in the road race industry and now will be available from TDR.  Prototype is now being designed and machining will be done soon. 

   The billet crankcases will be able to accept larger strokes and bores the same as the cast crankcases.  The Billet crankcase will have a Cassette style transmission as well.  The difference is that the billet case is stronger, last longer and modular build.  By using a modular construction format we are able to piece different size transmissions, crankshafts, 2, or 3 cylinder crank sections together to have multiple engine/transmission configurations.  We will soon be posting prototype versions and racing them in 2021.  TDR is building multiple projects that require a wide variety of crankshaft widths, drive sprocket locations, and clutch/transmission placement to get the perfect combination for our 2, 3, and 4 cylinder engines under development.