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​TDR Chassis

AY2 Chassis:  

  The AY2 chassis is a joint effort between Julian Farman and Tony Doukas Racing.    Julian designed the frame and TDR assembled and built everything else.  

  I used all the suspension components from a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 600. Front forks, Billet triple tree, rear swingarm and all the rear suspension geometry is the same as the GSXR 600 and using a Penske rear shock. Traxxion Dynamics supplied the Axxion gas cartridge kit that was set up for a 250 lb. bike with the same geometry of the GSXR 600.  That is a baseline to start with and we will be testing and adjusting as we progress. The engine is based on a Yamaha RZ 350/Banshee design.  TDR has been race testing the RZ based engines for years and decided to use this as the first power plant and move on to the V twin engine I am designing and developing.  The RZ based engines we have been racing are the following:   369.5cc, 392cc, 421cc, 443cc, 465cc, 521cc, and a 535cc for the largest engine.  The 2 best engines for reliability and overall rideability is the 392 & 421cc versions.  I will go over all the details on this page and then tie it to our new website as well later.