Here we will discuss all of the components, machining, and coating processes that are applied to RZ transmissions.

RZ Replacement Transmission Parts:    TDR is currently having the complete RZ transmission replicated to have available complete transmissions and all replacement parts that are no longer available.  The main shaft and all the gears are obsolete and used transmission parts are slowly becoming very scarce.  Washers, shims, circlips, auxiliary shaft, shift forks, and shift drum are interchangeable with the Banshee. As those parts become obsolete we will make them as well.

Race Tested:  Race tested vs street tested.  A question that comes up quite a bit. Racing has always been a test bed for prototyping new designs and technology.  It also creates extremely accelerated wear so part longevity testing is of great importance. What fails quickly on a race machine will fail on a street bike in a much longer time or mileage period but it will still fail.  TDR has been racing the RZ based engines since 1984 when they first came out.

Undercut Transmissions:   This has been done for decades on race applications when high horsepower and heavy acceleration loads cause the transmission to come out of gear.  The dogs on all the gears that lock together are straight from the Yamaha factory.  We undercut them at a specific degree to make them lock together tightly to eliminate failure.  When the stock dogs under extreme load slip apart the shift fork is damaged, shift drum is damaged, and the gear faces are rounded allowing them to pop out of gear.  Undercut dogs will not allow this as they lock together.  The key is to have the correct angle to still be able to shift easily but hold as well.  

Transmission Coatings:   ​ 

Here you will find all the information on transmission services and information.

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